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Jacqueline’s 30-year proven track record, paired with her exceptional team of Transformation Agents™ quickly identify new ways for companies to not just grow, but also flourish, with local partners. Her inventive approach strips away yesterday’s beliefs and replaces them with a fresh way of thinking. “Futuring” instantly break through old mental norms so clients can envision tomorrow…and create it today. The results are both measurable and repeatable.

Clients working with TGI™ also find they can easily:
          > Expand the talent pool
                    > Connect with untapped resources like the power of women
                              > Save thousands of consensus-building steps

This unique growth training and strategic development, specializing in energy, has succeeded in more than 100 countries. The impact is unexpected, profitable business solutions. Clients see results in not 10 years or 10 months, but in as soon as 10 days. As remarkable as that sounds, it’s even more amazing when they experience it first-hand. In short, it transforms them into perpetual Transformation Agents™.

Each program is custom-designed to position change leaders behind the wheel of success to Transformational Growth.


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